Hampshire Avon
Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Project

Hampshire Avon Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) Project
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 Farm Baseline Surveys


 BGS Hydrogeological conceptual modelling


 Mitigation Measures






 Knowledge Exchange


 Mitigation Measures 2

Farm case studies:

Detailing information from the farm baseline survey carried out in all target sub-catchments


Mitigation measure case studies:

Detailing mitigation measures currently used on farm and farmer attitudes towards future use of measures

Dairy farm     Dairy farm  
Arable farm     Arable farm  
Mixed farm     Mixed farm  
Lowland grazing farm     Lowland grazing farm  
Specialist pig farm        

 Project posters:





'Understanding and improving mitigation strategies for reducing catchment-scale nutrient loads: using high-resolution observations and uncertainty analysis approaches'  Lloyd et al

'Transformations and aquatic impacts of Carbon exported from riparian wetlands' Geropanagiotti et al.

'Dissolved Organic Carbon in riparian wetlands and its effect on the toxicity of metals' Geropanagiotti et al.




'Assessing the effects of sampling design on water quality status classification' Lloyd et al.

'Development of a bank erosion modelling tool for informing catchment management' Janes et al.

'Christchurch Harbour Macronutrients Project' Couceiro et al.

Journal papers:


Application of the FARMSCOPER tool for assessing agricultural diffuse pollution mitigation methods across the Hampshire Avon Demonstration Test Catchment, UK (2012) Y. Zhang, A.L. Collins, R.D. Gooday Environmental Science & Policy
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DEFRA User Guide Manual

An Inventory of Mitigation Methods and Guide to their Effects on Diffuse Water Pollution, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture.

DTC experimental design guidance
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Interim report presenting options for an experimental design and associated monitoring strategy to underpin the DTC project.

DTC summary
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Protocol for collaborating or engaging with the DTC project

A document detailing how to collaborate or engage with all three DTC projects (Hampshire Avon, Wensum and the Eden).

Protocol for the approach to mitigation measures for all three DTC's



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